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International Parcel Services

Fast and reliable delivery to any destination worldwide
Send parcels to any destination worldwide quickly and easily via the post office. Learn more about additional delivery options and how we deliver your parcel.

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Domestic Parcel Services

Send parcels to any address in the Netherlands quickly and easily via the post office. Learn more about additional delivery options and how we deliver your parcel.

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International Insured Delivery

The word cargo refers in particular to goods or produce being conveyed generally for commercial gain by ship, boat, or aircraft, although the term is now often extended to cover all types of freight, including that carried by train, van, truck, or container.

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Our customers are always satisfied as we aspire to be your favorite deliverer, we offer simple, smart, and sustainable logistic solutions; anywhere, anytime. Always nearby to make you smile


We are a market leader in the Benelux region for parcel delivery and logistics solutions. To maintain this position, we must keep up with the expanding e-commerce market, which is becoming increasingly international. We are constantly improving and responding to our customers’ changing needs.

Refundable Insurance

All priority mail is required to be insured before delivery. Any insurance fee levied on any top discreet package is 100% refundable upon delivery. This is to ensure that customers are protected for the dispatch of their items to their various destinations without seizure by CUSTOMS POLICE or damage in transit and arrive on time.

International Delivery

We are not only a leading operator in the Benelux region, but we also play a role in the global mail and parcels market. Transida Delivery Solutions is our response to increasing international online sales and strengthening our cross-border positions.
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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

You can follow your parcel’s progress on our website ( Simply enter a tracking code and click on “TRACK IT”.

We normally accept Bank Transfers, Cryptocurrency, PayPal and credit card payments.

Only when you buy something from outside your country. The exact amount you have to pay depends on the value of your parcel and whether you pay online, at a PostNL point or if the package is a priority mail or not.

Are you sending a parcel to a country outside yours? Then you will always need a customs form: a CN22 or CN23. Here you can fill in information about the goods you are sending. If you buy online, the delivery agency provides you with the correct form. It is not only compulsory for goods in a parcel. A customs form is also obligatory when sending a letter with goods. Think for example of a pen or a key ring. Based on the completed form, customs will determine whether you have to pay import duties. The CN23 form requires more information than a CN22 form.

There used to be separate ‘Europe’ and ‘World’ stamps where there is now one international stamp. These old stamps are still legal tender. ‘World’ stamps can be used for both domestic and international travel. ‘Europe’ stamps are only valid for travel within Europe. Make certain that you have enough stamps to cover the current postage rate.

  • Usually, the sender will provide a tracking code. In the case of an online purchase, you will receive a confirmation e-mail which should include a tracking code or a direct tracking link.
  • If no tracking code is provided, you are advised to contact the sender.

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